4 bakeries in Manhattan!

I absolutely love starting my day off having breakfast at a bakery. Especially when I'm having a stressful week! I don't know if it's just me, but it really gives me a mini vacation feel. #giggles I forget about all of my problems, and even though that mini feel only last for a couple of minutes sometimes, I'm refreshed and ready to start my day. 

Regardless if your starting your day, on vacation, or just want some good coffee and pastries, I selected four bakeries that I think do an excellent job at creating a memorable experience!   

1. Sarabeths Bakery (Chelsea Market)- I've never been to the restaurants, but Sarabeths is without a doubt one of the best bakeries in New York. I love it's location and everything just taste amazing! One of my favorite things to order is the breakfast muffin with a tea.

2. Ralph's Coffee(Upper East Side) - Located in Ralph Lauren 5th Avenue Store, the maison mini coffee shop is so charming and cute! Other then having breakfast, it's great for coffee meetings or just an afternoon snack! 

3. Balthazar Bakery(Soho)- Another Bakery that has a restaurant! Different from Sarabeths, which only has one bakery and serval restaurants throughout the city. Balthazar restaurant is next to it's bakery and there's only one of both in New York. The bakery is small and it's proposal is very "to go". If your shopping or work in the streets of Soho, I definitely recommend starting your day with there coffee and a delicious pastry!

4. Maison Kayser(varias localizações)- Maison Kayser is the perfect Sunday morning bakery. It's a french bakery, so other then having every kinda croissant you can think off, it has that lovely "let's sit and enjoy life" kinda feel to it!