It took me a little while, but here is part 2 of my 48 hours in NYC! I really hope you guys enjoyed part I, and if you haven't read it....

(1) We started our day visiting the lovely Central Park. Since it was only a short distance from our hotel, we walked over. I don't know why, but I've always had the impression that Central Park was a bit of a noisy park! Maybe it was the time of the day that we went, but it wasn't noisy at all! It was actually very peaceful and calming! Perfect way to start the day!

(2) After loooots of pictures, we headed over to the Meatpacking District to have brunch at The Standard Grill. The Grill really reminded me of some disney restaurants, the servers striped uniforms, the american dream decoration! The only thing missing was someone singing "zip a dee doo dah"  LOL SO CUTE! Everything tasted amazing, and my family and I had an awesome time!

(3) After a very bruncy brunch, we went to check out the famous "HighLine".  The Highline is a park that was built on old railroad tracks. It has an AMAZING view of Chelsea, and The Hudson river! Such a great place to walk around in, or just sit down to read a good book. I would easily spend my Sunday mornings there! 

Underneath the Highline, and in front of the Grill are the inspiring streets of Chelsea! Since I was with a bigger group then the first day, I was voted out on checking out the stores and some famous street art! #blah! But, Intermix, Vince, and DvF are some of the stores that you'll find. And Chelsea has a lot of really cool street art. The ones that I really wanted to see were, "The Sailor Kiss", "Outdoor Gallery", (which is no longer up, but this is where Banksy did a partnership with Os Gemeos), and "Os Gemeos and Futura". 

Our last stop in Chelsea was the Chelsea Market! It was SUPER packed(almost impossible to walk in!), so we didn't get to enjoy it as much, but you could easily tell that it's a very interesting place, and that it has a lot of unique things to check out/eat! Even though I was on a full stomach, I couldn't help but get tempted to eat the jumbo lobsters from The Lobster Place! Looked so amazing! 

(4) Before heading back to the hotel to get ready to leave, we visiting the 911 Memorial. I didn't lose anyone, or know anyone that did, but I found it very difficult to not get emotional there.

 It's a gorgeous memorial, definitely one of the prettiest I've ever seen!  

  I absolutely loved New York! Can't wait to go back to this amazing melting pot!