LOOK DO DIA : Gladiateur?

Não achei ele necessariamente parecido com um look "Gladiateur"a.k.a gladiador, mas depois que um amigo meu comentou no Facebook do blog(Coloquei um preview, via Instagram) Comecei a observar, e até que lembra! O salto sendo a maior referencia, depois as tachinhas do colete, a saia acima do joelho(que na verdade é um vestido) e o plissado lembrando as franjas grosas! Muitas semelhanças, e uma boa observação, né?! hehe

O que vocês acharam do toque final da bolsa laranja!? Achei que conversou super bem com o azul! 

FOTOS: Stahel Bianchi 

Que tál meninas?! Gostaram do look?!

Colete/Vest-Armani Exchange 

I've been meaning to tell you guys that the reason why most of the quality in the pictures have downgraded, are because the camera that used to take the pictures, suffered a little accident, and until a underestimated amount of time, it's iPhone to save the day! LOL I gotta admit though, these turned out a lot better than I thought they would! hehe What did you guys think of my look of the day? I didn't really think this at first, but then a friend of mine asked on the blogs Facebook page, he asked if me if it was a gladiator look, at first, I was like what?! But than, I started breaking down the look, and yeah, it kinda really does look like it! LOLThe heels being the main piece, the tacks on the vest, the skirt above the knees(which is a dress by the way) and last but not least, the pleated "skirt" that remembers there thick fringes! Pretty interesting observation on his part, eh?!